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£75 Family Payment

This scheme will make a payment of £75.00 to all qualifying households who have one Child or more of Compulsory School Age.

Where the Council has bank details which were provided for the first cost of living scheme (family payment of £50.00), it will attempt to make this payment automatically into those bank accounts during October 2022.

If the Council does not hold bank details for qualifying families then the Council will write to households who will be invited to register online for a payment using a unique key code.

Payment to Families with one Child or more of Compulsory School Age eligibility

  • Compulsory School Age will be determined as at the start of the school term beginning September 2022;
  • A child begins to be of compulsory school age the term following their fifth birthday;
  • In line with this, if a family has one or more children born between 1st September 2006 (i.e. age 16 as at 31st August 2023) and 31st August 2017 (i.e. age 5 as at 31st August 2022) and reside in Rhondda Cynon Taf, then they will be eligible for a Family Payment;
  • Families of electively home educated child(ren) will be eligible, as will families of child(ren) that attend a school outside of Rhondda Cynon Taf but reside within the County Borough.
  • Note this is one payment of £75.00 per family and not per child

Where families reside in Rhondda Cynon Taf and have child(ren) of compulsory school age that attend a school outside of the County Borough, please complete the on-line registration form below:

Make your application online for the £75 Family Payment
Please note – on completion of the registration form, the Council will check the details provided and, if eligible, will then process the Family Payment.


  • The payment will not impact upon any benefits (e.g. Universal Credit);
  • If a family has previously received a £50 family payment and continue to have a child(ren) of compulsory school age, then they will be automatically paid £75 (provided the bank account details previously supplied to the Council are still valid); and
  • Families who have become eligible by virtue of having a child of compulsory school age from September 2022 will receive a letter with details of how to apply.