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Ti a Fi Groups

The purpose of the Cylch Ti a Fi is to offer parents and carers an opportunity meet regularly to enjoy playing with their children and socialise.

Ti a Fi groups provide activities promoting the development of children from birth to school age. It’s a brilliant opportunity for parents/carers to meet, socialise and share experiences in an informal Welsh atmosphere.

 Children will have the opportunity to:

  • enjoy playing and making new friends
  • enjoy playing with toys
  • learn to sing simple Welsh songs that you can sing together at home
  • listen to Welsh stories and look through books
  • play with water and clay
  •  …. and really enjoy themselves!

As a parent or carer you will also have the opportunity to enjoy yourself . Everyone is welcome at a Ti a Fi, even if you don’t speak Welsh or are a Welsh learner. Come along and find out more about the benefits of speaking and learning Welsh for you and your children.

Ti a Fi groups near you

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