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My Review Form Ages 12-17

  • Are you planning on coming to your review meeting?
  • Would you like an advocate to come and speak to your before your review meeting?
  • All About Me
  • Do you have a Lifestory Book or information and photos of people you know?
  • If you don't, would you like one?
  • Home Life
  • Are you happy where you live?
  • Do you get along with the people you live with?
  • If you are moving on soon do you understand why?
  • Are you getting the support you need to move on?
  • Do you think the rules are suitable for your age?
  • Family & Friends
  • Do you see your friends and family enough?
  • Education, Employing or Training
  • Are you at:
  • My life and how I feel about it
  • How do you feel most of the time?