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Contaminated Recycling Waste

Rhondda Cynon Taf Council is calling on residents not to waste their waste in response to the increasing problem of contaminated recycling – and in particular, the issue of putting food waste in everyday recycling bags.

The increasing problem of contaminated recycling results in the Council not being able to re-use many items, despite residents’ intention to recycle them.

Contaminated recycling is when recyclable items are soiled by contaminates – and an everyday example of this is putting food waste or nappies in the same bag as dry recycling. Contamination can also occur when food containers which haven’t been properly cleaned are put in a dry recycling bag.

This could result in the entire contents of the bag not being recycled, which is why the Council takes the issue seriously and will be taking action against repeat offenders.

It is estimated that 20% of household recycling is contaminated due to residents not recycling appropriately. If collection staff see a recycling bag that contains material that can't be recycled, they will not collect it! Instead, they will place an ‘It's Contaminated’ sticker on the bag.

You will need to re-sort the bag, removing the contaminating items and place it out for collection the following week.

Recycling bags must not be used as a black bag in a wheelie bin. This may result in the wheelie bin being removed.