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Carers Champions

The role of a Carer Champion has been created to help Carers get advice and support more easily, Champions act as a local link point for staff and Carers to get information and advice.

A Carer Champion is a volunteer member of staff who acts as a key contact for Carer information in the department where they work. The Carers Champions are a network of staff members located around our service departments who are leading on Carers issues. Many teams have a designated Carer Champion, who is the link to gather Carer information to cascade to their team and to also share with Carers.

We have Carers Champions in:

  • Social Care Teams
  • Leisure Centres
  • One4All Centres
  • Communities First
  • Welfare Rights Team
  • Colleges
  • Fifty Plus Fora
  • Housing Departments
  • Job Centres
  • Schools
  • Children’s Services
  • Home Care Service
  • Day Centres

The duties of a Carers Champion include:

  • Identify & encourage staff in the team to complete the Carer Awareness training package available to all staff.
  • Act as a channel for cascading information on the subject of Carers within the work area.
  • Promote awareness of the role of Carers.
  • Display and maintain supplies of Carers leaflets and posters in the work area.
  • Champion and raise awareness of Carers’ issues.
  • Highlight developments relevant to supporting Carers within the team.
  • Encourage Carers to register as a Carer and sign post to the Carers Support Project.
  • Attend Carer Champion training
  • Distribute the Carers Champion E-bulletins to brief colleagues.
  • To act as a link for the Carers Measure Coordinator.
Carers Measure Coordinator: Carers Support Project
Tel:  01443 281463

A Carers Champion is not expected to be an expert on ‘Carers issues’ or provide Carers with one-to-one support. Carers Champions are also identified with NHS departments including GP Practices, hospital wards and pharmacies. 

CTUHB Carers Measure Coordinator: Minu Mandora 
Tel:  01443 744825