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Tonypandy Town Centre

The regeneration of Tonypandy Town Centre is a £1.5 Million project to stimulate and improve the economic regeneration of the main retail district of Tonypandy, centred on Dunraven Street.

The regeneration of Tonypandy Town Centre will see a range of Council services coordinate a comprehensive project to increase economic activity in the town, with business support, regeneration, highways and transport services working together to regenerate the town.

In preparation for the de-pedestrianisation of Dunraven Street, the Council is supporting local business to improve shop frontages through our Town Centre Maintenance Grant. This provides businesses with up to £1,000 to improve frontages, helping to improve the visual impact in the town centre.

The Council has already introduced free parking in Tonypandy, which has encouraged more people into the town centre over the past 12 months

Proposals for the regeneration include:

  • Reintrodcution of vehicles to the street, allowing traffic to flow one-way in a northerly direction
  • Raised footways to ensure a safer environment for pedestrians
  • Improvements to street furniture
  • Parking and Loading Laybys 
  • New bus stop
  • Grants available to businesses to improve shop frontages

View Tonypandy Town Centre Plans 1

View Tonypandy Town Centre Plans 2

Improvement areas:

Tonypandy 2