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The Choice is Clear

Recycling in Rhondda Cynon Taf has increased significantly in recent times thanks to more and more people supporting a green future.

Just five years ago, only 45% of our overall waste was recycled – a figure which grew to 64% by 2016/17. The Welsh Government wants us to recycle 70% by 2024/5.

We have a choice to make – either recycle more and help the environment, or face significant fines in the future, which we all want to avoid. 

The Choice Is Clear, everyone needs to recycle.

Find out what can and can't be recycled in Rhondda Cynon Taf.

What can I recycle?


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Our waste team will offer advice and answer questions, as well as ensuring you are stocked up on CLEAR and food waste recycling bags.

Of all the waste generated by an average household - including nappies, food and garden waste - 80% of it, if done right, can be recycled via our free weekly collections or our Community Recycling Centres.

This is why we have set the limits on the black bag/bin waste we will collect every fortnight. We believe the limits are ample for a household that is recycling correctly.

If you are recycling as much as you can, as often as you can - as three out of four people in RCT already are - then you are unlikely to be affected by the black bag/bin waste limits.

Our focus is on those who are recycling very little or not at all.

Based on the fact that an estimated 80% of the household waste we produce is recyclable, the number of black bag/wheelie bin waste we will collect has now been limited, to ensure people are recycling all they can.

On June 4 2018, new rules came in to force that mean:

  • Houses with a wheelie bin can put out the bin (lid closed) for collection. No additional black bags will be collected.
  • Households that use black bags can put out a maximum of two standard black bags every fortnight.
  • Recycling, nappy recycling, food waste recycling and garden waste recycling*  will remain unlimited and will be collected every week.
  • *During winter when demand is low, garden waste collections will be fortnightly between November 1 and March 1.
  • Those who are clearly not recycling properly will now be identified and officers will be speaking to them to ensure they have the information and tools (caddies, bags etc) they need to recycle properly. Continued failure to recycle will mean warnings, instructions and, ultimately enforcement, including a £100 fine.

Recycling Target


The changes will now help us reach the 70% recycling target and allow existing fortnightly waste collections to be kept, instead of considering moving to a three or four-week arrangement.

Those who repeatedly fail to recycle could face a £100 fine. Fines will only be issued as a last resort following awareness-raising exercises and notices from enforcement officers.

There will be exceptions to the limits set on the black bag/bin waste, which will be rescinded over Christmas and New Year.

Households with exceptional circumstances, including those disposing of ash which cannot be recycled, should contact the Council as soon as possible by emailing our Customer Services team

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Download the "All You Need to Know" guide 

Download the "New Rules" FAQ's