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Corporate Assessment

Corporate Self Evaluation – the ‘Corporate Assessment’

The Corporate Assessment considers the performance of the corporate body of the Council.  The Corporate Assessment was initially based on the Wales Audit Office (WAO) questions posed to local authorities as part of the WAO’s Corporate Assessment audits and is continually reviewed to ensure that the information it contains provides assurance. At the centre of the Corporate Assessment undertaken in 2018 are the following questions:

    1. Is the authority making progress on achieving its planned improvements in performance and outcomes?
    2. Does the authority’s vision and strategic direction support improvement?
    3. Do the authority’s governance and accountability arrangements support robust and effective decision making?
    4. Is the authority managing its resources effectively to deliver its planned improvements in performance and outcomes?
    5. Are the authority’s collaboration and partnership arrangements working effectively to deliver improved performance and outcomes?
    6. Is the authority effectively managing its improvement programme?
    7. Is the authority effectively managing its public body duties for the implementation of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015?
    8. Is the authority effectively implementing the Welsh Language Standards?

The latest Corporate Assessment conducted in Autumn 2018 was agreed by Council’s Cabinet in March 2019.