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What can I recycle in the Trade Recycling Scheme?

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak there are some temporary changes to Trade Waste Services - View service updates

View our leaflet below which details what items can and cannot be recycled as part of the Trade Recycling Scheme

Please place paper, metal, plastics and polystyrene into separate blue bags, food waste into trade food recycling bags, green waste into green waste sacks and all other waste in to brown bags or trade waste bins. Trade recycling must not be placed in domestic recycling bags.  Trade recycling placed in domestic bags may result in enforcement action.

Trade Glass Collections

Large amounts of glass in trade bags and bins can be very heavy as well as expose sharp and dangerous edges to the public and staff.  Waste Services are therefore unable to collect glass as part of the trade kerbside collection services.  Trade glass can be disposed of in one of our Community Glass Banks.