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Trade Waste FAQ - COVID - 19 Service Changes

When are trade waste collection days?

Trade waste collection days will be on the same day as the   neighbouring areas apart from Aberdare town centre that is collected on a Wednesday. 

How do I buy trade waste bags

Trade waste bags can be ordered online.


Bags are also now available for pick up at your local library. To order and pick up bags please ring the library to make an appointment to collect. Payment with the correct money only.

How do I report a missed collection?

Please report missed collections online and the case will go straight   to the area depot responsible.

Can I temporarily suspend my trade waste collections during this   time?

Yes, please contact us on

Can I keep my bin until my business re-opens?

Yes, you can keep your bin and we will not start collections until you inform us that your business has resumed services.

Will my payments be suspended?

Invoices for 20/21 were sent prior to the outbreak of the virus.  The Council however will not be following up non-payments or invoice issues until services return to normal.

Can I temporary switch to a smaller/bigger bin?

It is possible that we can do this but please expect delays on   deliveries.  Please contact us on for further information.

Bulky Trade Waste Collection

Waste are currently unable to collect bulky waste items from trade premises as we have dedicated all available resources to daily, essential services.

How do I leave the trade waste scheme?

Contact us on  giving us one month notice.  We may however accept shorter notice periods but these will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Will my charitable allowance change during this time of temporary service changes?

Your charitable allowance remains unchanged.

I’ve received an invoice
for 20/21, how do I pay?

Please refer to the section on reverse of invoice received “How and where you can pay”